I had so much fun making cookies for a baby shower this weekend. This was based on the logo a friend designed for the baby shower

I think I should have just kept it simple and stayed with these…

…but I always like trying something new, I had extra dough and icing so I paired them with hearts.

…and I did not make enough of the ivory colored flood icing – doh!!!
that’s why i love giving cookies away, no pressure!

above, you can see images from the invite and me scrambling to come up with something else…

I decided to go with the whole rounded square theme (from the invitation again). In the process I figured out how to make a cube. I don’t have the cube cookie cutter, but now I know how to make one. I simply outlined the squares with the edible food marker and filled in the sides of the cube.

Filling in the sides of the cube. After it had dried I added the letter “H” for the family’s last name.

Thanks for looking!

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