Here is another Easter Cookie I made this year. I simply covered the cookie with a thin layer of royal icing using the back of a spoon. For more info on how I did this look at this post.

I used the KopyKake 300xk to outline the chick and was happy with how it turned out; however, royal icing on top of royal icing does not give the best cookie texture. The second layer generally dries too hard for my taste. I don’t notice it with small accents or with 2nd layer detailing, but with this type of cookie it’s a little too much royal icing for me.
Especially when working with royal icing, you don’t want to cross that line where your cookie becomes like a gingerbread house – pretty to look at but not something you’d want to eat. I’m still trying hard to find that perfect middle ground.
There are a lot of beautiful designs out there but I don’t even want to try to make a cookie that I wouldn’t want to eat.

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