More Easter Cookies – Softer colors, next year I want to try even lighter colors.

Easiest way to outline & flood – using a cheap plastic bag! Great for simple designs. Thank you Daily Cookie – go check out her Facebook page, she is an amazing artist!

See using a plastic bag works just fine!! Now flood away!

Rainbow colored Easter Egg and Easter Bunny

Plain old polka dot eggs. I tried dots with other colors, the white is best.
New design – happy flowers! I like the wide set eyes and little mouth.
Swirly Butterflies, I never know how to decorate a butterfly.

More yellow chicks, I’m in a swirly mood.

Baa, Ram, Ewe, Baa, Ram, Ewe.

Little birds. I think swirls look great for feathers.

Happy Carrot Cookies

I hope these make someone happy!

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