Today was take your son’s and daughters to work and spend the day with their Dad at Blackboard Transact.  The kids made some cookies then I made a dozen logo cookies as a thank you to the HR director who coordinated this event.  Logo cookies – blah!  But actually, I would make these again because they were fairly simple and I like the color scheme.
I used the Kopykake 300xk for these.  Here are some tips on doing letters like these
1) Prepare royal icing slightly thinner than outlining icing.  I like to sort of build the letters by stacking the icing close together and the icing has to be thin enough so it doesn’t curl when it comes out of the piping bag.  If it is too thick you’ll be able to see the individual lines, and not one complete letter.
2) Under-outline the letters.  By this I mean, use the KopyKake as a guide but make them smaller than the image should be.  Use a toothpick to drag the icing to line up with the image.  You can always add more icing, it’s much harder to remove the excess.  So take it slow!
I started with Blackboards main image, but used the white background version.
Those ones at the bottom were very challenging because I couldn’t find my PME 00 tip.
More photos of the cookies.  I love the 3-D look of the Bb one.
On to the Thirty Thursday portion of this post…
This box is a 3 pack sold at the dollar store.  I bought them for Christmas for my kids PJs and was frustrated by the fact that they are SO SMALL!!  Maybe good for doll clothes…  It turns out they are the perfect size for one dozen three inch square cookies.
I am the laziest person when it comes to packaging and wrapping, so I just use what I have and make due.  I like the way the bags looked sealed and folded then all of them are wrapped in tissue paper.
The kopykake was out, I had the logo in the projector so I used it to draw the logo on the box with a sharpie.  I guess I could have made it cuter by printing it, mounting it on cardstock, etc. etc.  but I didn’t have time for that – I literally had 5 minutes before the kids ran out the door.

I found some curling ribbon in my gift wrap box and added a bow.  Someday I’ll have a collection of fancy ribbon.  Anyhow, I like how the theme of the cookies is reflected in this inexpensive box.

Thanks again to everyone at Blackboard for making this a great day for my kids!  And thank you black icing for cooperating.

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