Almost done preparing pastel colors for our Easter Cookie Decorating party with cousins… why can’t I just stick to a few colors???!!
I normally mix up Sweetsugarbelle’s Royal Icing Recipe found here, and immediately section it into separate containers and dye it. I don’t immediately go to bagging putting in tubes, especially when working with a lot of different colors. I wait until right before I decorate.
I love these Rubbermaid containers, they seal super tight and I don’t need a damp paper towel even when I keep it in the refrigerator. I stock up on these containers during Black Friday and keep them away from the regular Tupperware used for family meals. This helps me keep the containers super clean and free of any oil or odors from the strange food we eat. I also follow all the rules with these – clean by hand or on top rack only. Once they start to warp the seal won’t be as tight.

My sister Becca snapped this picture of me probably sometime around midnight at Walmart’s Black Friday Sale. We think it’s kind of funny. People were going crazy over video games, electronics and actually hugging the palates of merchandise. I think we were the only people who really wanted these super-discounted containers and it was a nice quiet area of the store, free from policeman and security guards fighting the gaming crowd.

So for what it’s worth, I love these containers for storing my royal icing. I am starting to get a better feel for how much of each color I need for a project. If I weren’t so cheap, I’d just buy the pieces I need now at the grocery store, but I need something to look forward to after the low that comes from one of my favorite meals being over. Black Friday is fun, especially if you are going after the items that only the foodies want.

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