How to Make Tostadas

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We love making tostadas for “Taco Tuesday.”  This meal is so easy to throw together using ground beef that I usually have ready to go in my freezer.  I also use homemade refried beans that are a staple in our house.  I found that the meal went smoother if I premade and warmed the tostadas in the oven before dinner.  This is almost like making a Mexican Pizza – layering meat, beans, cheese and other fresh toppings.  Keep reading for more details on how we make the tostadas. Continue reading »

How to make Mustache Cookies

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mustache cookies 1

My kids really wanted to make mustache cookies for Father’s Day.  We found a perfect cookie cutter at a local cake decorating store.  Not too big, not too small.  The kids want to make them all black.  Sometimes I use black icing for details, but I try to avoid it for flooding an entire cookie.  It takes A LOT of food coloring to get a true black.  For these cookies, instead of flooding the entire cookie in black icing, I first used a spatula to add thinned royal glaze icing in white.  After the cookies were dry, I airbrushed the mustache cookies with black airbrush spray.  This makes it so just the outermost layer is black, and not the icing throughout.  Keep reading for more details on how to make a mustache cookie. Continue reading »

Apple iTunes Cookies – Teacher Appreciation Day Cookies

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itunes apple cookies 1

An Apple for the teacher!  I made these cookies for Teacher Appreciation day.  I thought they would be perfect to go along with the iTunes gift card I purchased for each of my kids teachers.  These were so simple.  I baked several two inch chocolate squares, iced them in a rich meringue buttercream icing, then used silver royal glaze for the apples.  Once the apples dried, I gave each one a metallic sheen by carefully painting on silver metallic airbrush paint.  These were perfect teacher appreciation day cookies. Continue reading »

One Hundred Dresses Cookies

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one hundred dresses

A friend requested cookie favors for a large one hundred dresses event.  The budget was tight so we decided to keep these one hundred dresses cookie favors very simple.  I outlined and flooded each cookie in royal icing.  When the cookies were dry I added a simple white sash to each dress along with a small fondant flower.  The cookies were individually packed with a coordinating ribbon.  This was the perfect favor for a one hundred dresses event.

Keep reading to see how these were made: Continue reading »

How to make Spa Cookies

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spa cookie 1bI loved making Spa cookies for a good friend’s birthday party.  They turned out adorable.  I decided to make all cookies the same as she only wanted one dozen cookies.  This spa cookie is rather complicated so if I made spa cookies again I would make just a few of the spa girls and do simple designs to go with a platter.  Ideas could include bubbles, sparkly with disco dust or sanding sugar.  Cucumbers, nail polish, brushes, combs, whatever goes along with the spa birthday party theme.  The image used to create the spa cookie above came from the invitation used for the party.  It think I only had to change the hair color to match with the birthday girl.

Keep reading for more details on how I made these spa cookies Continue reading »

Missionary Cookies

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missionary cookies

I made these missionary cookies last year for a Valentines Day party.  My nephew Douglas was receiving his mission call on Valentine’s Day and was planning on opening his mission call with all his close friends and family present.  My sister in law ordered these cookies and requested a butter-based icing.  It is possible to decorate with buttercream icing but the cookies will not have the crisp edges of Royal icing.  As you can see above some of the icing did not stay on the cookies and the letters are less than perfect.  Overall, these missionary cookies were a perfect combination of delicious flavor and decorated sugar cookies.  I decided to make missionary conversation hearts to combine the two themes.  My favorite cookie of the set ins the heart shaped CTR cookie.

Keep reading for more details on how I made these cookies – along with a link to the original buttercream icing recipe. Continue reading »

Simple Easter Egg Cookies

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simple easter cookies 1

Common theme lately – lots and lots of simple cookies.  I rarely sell cookies, and love to give them away to family, friends and teachers.  Sometimes I bake cookies and realize I have no time for decorating.  That was the case for these cookies.  I sort of came up with this design as I went, using my new airbrush for the very first time.  I did not have time to outline and flood each simple Easter egg cookie, so instead I just dipped them in thinned royal icing.  Yes there are some flaws, but I think it gives these simple easter egg cookies character.   I wanted a gingham pattern, but decided I loved the way the horizontal lines looked on the cookies.  The shabby looking lines kind of remind me how our decorated easter eggs turn out each year.  Keep reading to find out more Continue reading »

Diet Coke Cookies

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diet coke cookiesConfession time.  So many people ask me how I find time to decorate cookies with five kids ages 8 months to 12 at home.  Actually I really don’t have time to decorate cookies.  What I do have is Diet Coke!  And the hours of maybe 10:30 pm – 2 am once or twice a week if I am lucky and if sweet little baby girl decides to sleep through the night that time is mine.  All mine!  I just need a little help from my BFF – Diet Coke.  I have a problem.  I admit it!  I am a Diet Coke addict.  Is there a 12 step recovery program for this??  If so, I am totally signing up in 18 years when my youngest moves out of the house.  So Diet Coke recovery program I will see you in 2032ish?  I will be old!  Wait, my baby will be 18!  And no more Diet Coke?!  Sad, sad, sad.  Never mind the 12 step Diet Coke recovery program can wait.

So where am I going with this?  Oh ya, I was making these Diet Coke cookies for a friend and my sister Cathy asked me how many ounces of Diet Coke I drink for every Diet Coke cookie decorated.  I think it was 1 ounce Diet Coke for every one Diet Coke cookie I made.  Such a nice ratio.  I actually loved making 36 of these, and sipping about 2/3 of my 44 ounce tanker.  Very fun!  I don’t think I would be able to make a Diet Pepsi Cookie.  GAG!!!

Keep reading to see how I made these Diet Coke Cookies. Continue reading »

How to Make Pita Bread

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howtomakepitabread 1

Pita bread is a staple in our home.  I grew up outside Detroit, Michigan and pita bread was always available.  I can not stand the really bready and flavorless pita bread sold at most grocery stores so I choose to make these at home.  I make pita bread to go with mideastern meals, homemade lentil soup, hummus or tabbouleh.  I also love it used simple as “pocket” bread, stuffed with whatever I have on hand, turkey & cheese, chicken salad, Caesar salad, Greek salad, falafel – anything goes.  We love the flavor and texture of this flat bread and a batch of this bread does not last long in our house.  The kids really enjoy watching the bread puff up in the oven and the pocket created during baking.  Keep reading to learn how to make pita bread at home. Continue reading »